Describing pictures at The New York Aqurium



This picture describes a bunch of colorful looking young ladies dancing at a board walk in Coney Island. The ladies are all dress in beautiful colorful pictures making people look at them and seeing them dancing to the music. It must be such a beautiful day. A lot of people must have been impressed.



This picture describes Jeffrey, Avis, and Malik are looking at Sahara explaining what kind of rocks are at the Ny Aquarium. What are they shaped like? I think that the rock is shaped like a marshmallow. It seams that that everyone is paying attention to Sahara except Malik. Malik looks like he’s looking at the camera and listening to Sahara at the same time. 



This picture describes Royce, Malik, Mark, Jeffrey, Avis, and me looking at the camera and smiling to say chesse. Around the picture there is a fence behind us probably where the entrance is to leave the Ny Aquarium. Next to that fence is a big glass tube of water inside the tube. I think that the big tube has small fishes swimming all over the glass touching the glass to get out.  



This picture describes Sahara taking pictures of a bunch of sea animals at a toy store. I think that she aiming her camera on a black seal. I could see that Mark is holding a walrus which is his favorite animal that he loves watching at the aquarium. 




This picture describes a man riding a bike going to fishing on the boardwalk. I’m assuming that he has a small fishing net that opens to a big one. In his black bag he probably has snacks for when he gets hungry. 



This picture describes Sahara putting her thumbs up. Mark looking at the dark and Royce is smiling. It looks like the three of them are staring at some animal that is doing a trick or maybe just having fun at the aquarium.


This picture describes me and Malik standing on the boardwalk smiling and relaxing looking at the beautiful sky. It must be so gorgeous outside looking at the people eating food and watching the kids swim in the ocean.



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