“Downtown Manhattan,” Featured On Popular “Humans of New York” Blog

My book, “Downtown Manhattan,” was Featured On Popular “Humans of New York” Blog: “Twenty-year-old Akeem Bonaparte just completed a Blurb book, Downtown Manhattan, a combination of writing and photographs. When Brandon Stanton, Founder of Humans of New York, was introduced to Akeem at  Josephine Herrick project gallery opening last week, he went wild over Akeem’s fresh, poetic writing. His verbal descriptions invite the reader to look at an image again and again to discover his sense of shape, texture and personal reference in his photographs. Akeem’s artistic sensibility is changing our vision of the world! Akeem studies photography through the Josephine Herrick Project  at the Birch Family Services, an organization that provides special schools to individuals with autism, and also currently interns at the Josephine Herrick Project  office. He says that photography has helped him to “socialize,” and has taught him the joy of being part of a community. Read the public’s comments about Akeem’s book on the Humans of New York blog. Click here to preview and order your copy of Downtown Manhattan.”  IMG_0034


Welcome to my blog

My name is Akeem Bonaparte. I am a very pleasant person  and easy to get along with. I’m  eager in learning new things everyday. I  like helping others.  I love taking photographs  of  unique buildings, people, nature etc. I’m proud of myself for taking these amazing photos. Enjoy!


A Tour at Grand Central Terminal and meeting Rick Gerrity January 2016




On Sunday January 31  I took a tour at Grand Central Terminal. It was really amazing to see how the old terminal was back then until now. The weather was just perfect. It’s all thanks to Rick for taking me to this exciting tour at Grand Central. I really enjoyed myself. Rick you are the man of the hour! The weather was just perfect.

Had a great time at Cheeseburger Cheeseburger Resteraunt with Vik in Queens


On  Monday July 6th 2015  We went to Cheeseburger Cheeseburger Restaurant  in Queens. I had a great time. Their burgers are so big. I love Cheeseburgers and french fries. They are my favorite food to eat. I won the competition of eating a third quarter ponder burger. It was not that easy to eat but I managed. I was really happy!